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Digital Photography for Busy Women

Picture of Digital Photography is Unclear for Consumers

Poor Digital Picture-Storage Habits Endanger Personal Photos for Many

Apr 24, 2006

San Marcos, TX. According to the 2005 PMA U.S. Consumer Photo Buying Report, 51% of households that owned a digital camera in 2004 were not concerned about losing their digital pictures, and another 20% admitted that they hadn’t given any thought to the issue. It is known as the myth of the protected picture, according to veteran industry consultant and journalist, Laura Oles. “82.1% of households polled in 2004 (2001–2005 PMA Camera/Camcorder, Digital Imaging Survey) are shooting pictures to preserve memories, and yet, they haven’t given much thought as to how they’re going to be viewed, stored, protected, and preserved.” Oles realized that consumers needed clear guidance.

Kristy Holch, founder of InfoTrends, sees a real crisis on the horizon. “Our fear is that consumers will take wonderful digital photos, but those photos will be lost to future generations. At InfoTrends, we feel that it’s a very real possibility that there will be a 3 to 5 year gap in the personal photos of families around the world, as the photos taken between the years 2002–2007 are lost for lack of simple, foolproof archival mechanisms.” Holch wrote the foreword to Laura Oles’ new book, which is specifically designed to help busy women manage their photos.

Oles felt there were many books addressing the technical and operational issues of digital cameras, but almost none that focused exclusively on how to best manage and protect digital photographs for average consumers. So, with her extensive experience, she wrote one. Published by Compass Trade Press (ISBN 0-9774727-2-8, $19.95) and written in a nontechnical style, Digital Photography for Busy Women: How To Manage, Protect, and Preserve Your Favorite Photos is the “dummy’s guide” for anyone who wants make the most of their digital photos. Readers are smoothly guided through multiple picture viewing and storage options available to consumers today, assisting them in choosing the method that is right for their lifestyle. Camera phones, online galleries, kiosks, computer storage, and rescuing photos from a hard drive crash are just a few of the topics covered. Oles also created the FRAME Method™, a unique step-by-step process designed to help keep pictures organized and protected. A thorough checklist is included in the book. Some industry professionals, like John Larish who has written seven digital photography books himself, says the new book should “accompany every digital camera sold today.” It is also endorsed by Picture Business Magazine.

For retailers, Oles provides a toolkit, consumer education materials, and other support products designed to help retailers educate customers and provide solutions. “Preventing a customer’s loss can be the retailer’s gain,” she says. Oles presented this information to retailers at the 2006 Photo Marketing Association Convention, which is the largest photo industry show in the country.

“Our industry is becoming increasingly aware of the challenges surrounding digital image management, protection and preservation, and we must now extend that knowledge to customers, who have the most to lose if they don’t begin taking proper steps to care for their photo chronicles,” Oles says.

For interviews, contact Laura Oles at (512) 644-8406 or via email at Further information can be found online at

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