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Digital Photography for Busy Women


Laura writes for a variety of publications and is a columnist for Picture Business Magazine and PhotoInduced. Some of her articles are below. Also pay a visit to her blog to get the latest scoop.

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General Photography Articles by Laura
Moms as Master Storytellers
You may not feel like a master storyteller, especially if the love you feel for your digital camera dissolves the moment you try to print the photos or get them sized the right way to send through email. But it's true. With that camera in your hands, you aren't just taking a picture. You're preserving a moment in time. That photograph, and the story behind it, is of extreme importance to others around you, even if they don't know it yet.
How To Use Online Sites Without Annoying Your Relatives
It is precisely because sharing photographs is so simple these days that we must take a bit of care in making sure that the magic of those pictures still comes across to those we love. Here are a few things to consider the next time you get online to upload your pictures for the viewing pleasure of others.
Digital Photography Basics: Composition
One of the most powerful ways we can improve our photography is through composition.
Your Quick Reference Photo Glossary
My goal here is to overview the most common photography terms so hat you can play with a new technique the next time you've got your digital camera in hand.
Blinded By The Light
Knowing when to use your digital camera's flash can be tricky, especially considering that many cameras have the flash turned on as a standard setting. However, you'll find there are times when issues such as your proximity to your subject, the availability of natural light and other factors will determine when to actually use a flash.
Picture Perfect Kid Parties
For those kids (and moms) who are looking to try something new for an upcoming birthday party, consider adding a bit of fun through photography.
Afraid Of Your Digital Camera?
Don't worry, it isn't just you!
I can't count the number of times I had women — articulate, insightful, funny, smart women — tell me that they were nervous about using their digital cameras.
Getting Great Vacation Shots
For those hearty souls who fear nothing, including the idea of traveling across the country with small ones in tow, you'll definitely want to make sure you've got some fantastic photos to recall the experience.
Make Photography a Snap
With digital cameras proliferating like papers in your inbox, the market is responding by providing a variety of new workshops that are designed to cover everything from digital photography 101 to how to use the advanced features on your spankin' new digital SLR.
Keeping Digital Photos on Your Computer Can Lead to Heartbreak
When we think about potentially losing our photographs, we often imagine a home fire, hurricane, or tornado. It's true that many visual stories are lost because of natural disasters, but in today's work of click, look, and upload, our favorite memories are at a far greater risk of being lost in a hard drive crash or other error than in a natural disaster. Protect your memories.
Making Memories Last
If your house caught fire and you could only save three possessions, what would they be?
What Does This Button Do?
Because each digital camera manufacturer has its own design flow, it would be almost impossible to clearly explain the entire menu option suite for each model. The good news is that many cameras use icons that look similar and use the same terms, so by better understanding the terms, you'll increase your knowledge and how to better use your camera.
Getting Your Kids Behind the Camera
Not only does giving your kids an opportunity to take photographs build excitement and foster creativity, it also demonstrates that they are being trusted with something very special: your digital camera.
Retail Articles by Laura
What's the Big Deal?
I have to say this was the first time my doctor actually waited on me for a change.
Picture Business, March 2007
Find Your Niche (PDF)
Expand Your Business by Narrowing Your Focus
Picture Business, March 2007
An Interview with Guy Kawasaki (PDF)
Make Meaning & Change in all you Do
Picture Business, January 2007
Learning from Kim Komando (PDF)
America’s Digital Goddess Nationally Syndicated Radio Host Brings Interesting Consumer Perspective into Focus
Picture Business, November 2005
Protect and Serve (PDF)
Why Protecting Your Customers from Loss Can Be Your
Business’ Gain
Picture Business, July/August 2005
Reaching and Retaining the Female Consumer (PDF)
The Right Approach to Women Customers Can Reap
Benefits Across the Board
Picture Business, December 2004
So, When Are You Going to Fix That?
Fresh Eyes Can Improve Your Bottom Line
When we're in the same environment day in and day out, it's easy to overlook things in our retail store that need our attention. Ditto with our website, store signage and monthly store calendar.
Welcome To The Kiosk Café
Kiosk cafes are essentially designated areas with several touch-screen operated digital imaging systems that are capable of doing everything from cropping and correcting red-eye to providing photo printing, image CDs, party invitations and evn photo books. You can take a seat, enjoy a beverage, insert your digital camera card and play to your heart's content.
The One Meeting You Should Have Each Week
It's no secret to those of you running retail businesses that keeping on top of daily tasks is about as simple as finding a cure for the common cold. It's easy to see how key actions that can grow your business never seem to get done; they're often lost in the daily bustle of store visits, customer issues, inventory management, employee concerns and the countless other rigors of your daily work life.
Study Shows Tech Confidence, Not Ability, is Key Difference Between Men & Women
A recent study completed by Northwestern and Princeton Universities uncovered that men and women are comparably skilled when it comes to the Internet. The main difference is how women describe their abilities versus how men rate their own skills.
Falling in Love Again— With Your Business
In an industry that has undergone radical change in the last decade and now faces tough competition from several different retail channels, it’s easy to understand why many retailers may need to recharge or restart their business engines. This feature examines how to rediscover the passion and joy inherent with running a retail imaging business.

Interviews and Presentations


Jan 28, 2007: Long Term Photo Care Program
Laura Oles took the lead in designing PMA's new Long Term Photo Care Program, which helps retailers create new revenue streams by showing consumers how to share, protect, preserve and manage their digital photos. In this podcast, Oles tells PMA magazine Senior Editor Jennifer Kruger about the program and how retailers can get the most from it.

Download the podcast :: Listen online


April 22, 2007: Overcoming Mommy Guilt
Maria Bailey of Mom Talk Radio speaks with among other industr veterans, Laura Oles, author of "Digital Photography for Busy Women: How to Manage, Protect and Preserve Your Favorite Photos."

Click here to listen

Presentation and Handouts

Laura Oles took the lead in designing PMA's new Long Term Photo Care Program, which helps retailers create new revenue streams by showing consumers how to share, protect, preserve and manage their digital photos. Get a copy of her popular presentation from the PMA 2007 International Convention.
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