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Digital Photography for Busy Women


Get the Guide Written Just for Busy Women!


Digital Photography for Busy Women: How To Manage, Protect, and Preserve Your Favorite Photos
Laura Oles

ISBN: 0977472728

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This fun and easy-to-use, lay-flat guide will help you organize, print, store, and enjoy all your digital photos. Hailed by the industry as a book that “should accompany every digital camera sold today (John Larish, Jonrel Imaging Consultants and author of seven digital photography books), this guide is written for the consumer to take the confusion and pain out of dealing with digital photos.

  • Would you run into a burning house to rescue your favorite photos?
  • Do you have a computer hard drive full of digital pictures?
  • Wish you had some help managing and protecting your most precious memories?
  • Worried that your pictures might be lost if you don’t take some action but aren’t sure what action to take?

If you’ve got digital pictures and would like to do more with them, you’re in the right place! Get the premier guidebook today!



"[This is ] a full service kind of book told with a friendly style that just makes all of the explanations of a seemingly complex subject….right, a definitely complex subject, with all of the info you need to get you on the right path. HIGHLY reccommended as a compliment to a digital camera gift."
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-Damon Webster

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