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Digital Photography for Busy Women

Digital Photography for Busy Women



Digital Photography for Busy Women: How To Manage, Protect, and Preserve Your Favorite Photos
Laura Oles

ISBN: 0977472728

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"This book should accompany every digital camera sold today. If you're going to take pictures and want them to be around to enjoy later, you'll find much of what you need inside these pages."
-John Larish, principal, Jonrel Imaging Consultants and author of seven digital photography books

"Digital Photography for Busy Women is full of useful information that you will reference again and again. Well-written and organized, you’ll want this book in your library if you want to get the full benefits of your computer and digital camera."
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-Jeff Bowen, president of

"Finally, someone has solved a universal mom problem with easy organizatinal tips that can really be done! Yes, I would run into a burning house for my family pictures but thanks to Laura Oles, I don't have to! "
-Maria Bailey,
Host of Mom talk Radio

"Fun, practical and easy to read, Digital Photography for Busy Women takes the stress out of getting up to speed on today's newest digital camera issues. Her helpful tips and practical stories have saved me hours of time. The best part is I am using my camera more often and actually doing more with the pictures I take. "
-Lisa Johnson,
President of Reach Women and Co-author of Don't Think Pink: What Really Makes Women Buy--and How to Increse Your Share of This Crucial Market

"This book is ideal as an introduction to all facets of digital printing. It should even make an ideal textbook for a 101-level course on the subject. The materials are presented in logical, discreet segments that address each aspect of the craft from file preparation, through selecting papers, to image permanence."
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-Harold Johnson

"Oles' book brings to mind issues that most dedicated digital photographers are aware of, but need to be reminded of, myself included. And this is great information for someone new to digital photography. We cannot be reminded enough to preserve the priceless photos we have captured of our loved ones."
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-Stacey Mann

"Easy to understand, true facts and perfect recommendations. If you can't make it through the inch thick manual that comes with your camera, the author explains it all in real people language. I can't say enough about this book."
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-Damon Webster

"I admit it. I'm a digital dodo! I had over one thousand digital photos saved ona dozen CDs--from just one vacation--and had no idea what to do with them. Laura' Oles's book helped me understand how to filter and name the photos so I could easily sort through them in the future, and how to preserve them so my husband and I can enjoy them for years. "
-Linda Formichelli, co-author of The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success

"I think all specialty retailers should read it and most should be selling it. "
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Photo Image News

"An immensely useful and informative guide designed to address challenges for digital shutterbugs."
-Picture Business Magazine



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