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Digital Photography for Busy Women
Tips and Tricks

The FRAME Method

Use this simple process to manage & protect your photos!

What IS the FRAME™ Method: Explained in depth in Digital Photography for Busy Women, the simple FRAME™ Method means:

  • Filter your pictures
  • Reorganize by marking your favorites
  • Archive pictures two times with two methods in two locations
  • Make a print using archival materials
  • Ensure backups are safe with an annual checkup

Step-by-Step, One Photo at a Time

The FRAME™ Method is simply a step-by-step guideline that walks you through the actions you’ll need to take to better manage and protect your digital pictures.  It can be followed according to your schedule and sections can be completed in small increments of time.  Don’t try to do everything all at once---slow and steady will win the race (and keep you sane).


The FRAME™ Method Getting Started Helplist
Here is a free, downloadable expanded checklist is available for the FRAME™ Method. That will get you rolling. But it is covered thoroughly in our book, Digital Photography for Busy Women.

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Hey... girls have to stick together, right?

Ugh!... All That Tech Stuff!

Let’s face it. Today’s digital technology doesn’t always meet our expectations, and there are so many products to choose from that one wonders how we’ll ever figure out the best solution for our needs.  While I can’t give you a definitive thumbs-up or thumbs- down on every single product in the marketplace, I can give you a basic blueprint to help you create a management and preservation solution that fits your needs and your lifestyle.

Because there are so many choices today, the role of the FRAME™ Method is to serve as a map to guide you through technology town. It isn’t to offer product recommendations or specific items; rather it is a simple primer on how to make the best use of what you have and help you consider waht you might need to make the most of your photos.

Why the FRAME™ Method is Awesome

The FRAME™ Method was created after interviewing several experts in the imaging industry as well as by interviewing many busy women looking for a way to better manage their bursting photo libraries. The FRAME™ Method will help you organize your photos and use your equipment to protect and enjoy them. It is a primary starting place to introduce you to the benefits and proper use of your digital photography devices. Why go it alone and face all that confusion? Get help and Get your photos FRAME-d today!

Help Me Organize
The FRAME Method

An immensely useful and informative guide designed to address challenges for digital shutterbugs."
Picture Business Magazine

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