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Digital Photography for Busy Women
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If you’re visiting Got Digital Pictures, it means that you probably own a digital camera and have begun filling up your hard drive with pictures.  Maybe you haven’t done much more at that point.  If so, don’t fret.  You’ve got lots of company.

Use this website to begin enjoying your photos. Learn how you can easily organize, manage, preserve, protect, and share your digital pictures. Here, you'll find lots of free resources for managing your digital photos...

  • Organizational help
  • Technology help
  • Preservation help
  • Photo-viewing help
  • Resources
  • Free downloads
  • and more!

Getting Started Options

Read FREE book excerpt -- Chapter 3
Would you like to learn more about how to organize your digital pictures? Want to know what your options are? Need to know how to start? Download this free Chapter 3 except from Digital Photography for Busy Women: How To Manage, Protect, and Preserve Your Favorite Photes. Includes sorting methods, imaging software options, editing ideas, and more. Also includes Table of Contents from the book, Foreword, and Preface.

What is the FRAME Method? How can it help you?
If you'd like to get an overall idea of what you need to do to manage and protect your digital pictures for the future, visit the FRAME Method section and download a free checklist. The FRAME Method is a simple 5-step plan to sort, catalog, store, print, and protect your digital. photo collection. Begin FRAME-ing today!

Links To Resources
Interested in Digital Picture Mangement Software? How about other books or magazines on the topic? Want to join an association? Visit our Resources section for links to all this and more!

Master your photo collection before it masters you, ladies! This comprehensive, fun and easy-to-read book in the "Dummies" style will enable you become a pro in no time. Covers all the basics -- from camera phones to file storage -- in plain language. Perfect for busy Moms, professionals, students, and travelin' Grandmas alike. Find out how Digital Photography for Busy Women: How To Manage, protect, and Preserve Your Favorite Photos will help you enjoy all your photos for a lifetime.

Free Email Newsletter
Stay in the loop with the latest digital photo news and issues. Includes a “here’s what it is and here why it matters” format for your easy scanning and reference. 

Read Laura's Diary
Check out Laura's Diary, a digital photo issues blog.
Read articles on Photography
Read through Laura's many photography articles.

Quick Tips
In a hurry? We know you are! If you’re looking for a few quick tips and ideas you can start using right away, visit our Photo Storage Tips section. These are simple, practical things you can do to begin contolling the chaos. 

Retailing Info... Get this book to your customers!
If you’re a photo store, drug store or other retailer serving today’s busy digital photographer, providing  Digital Photography for Busy Women books and services will help your customers and improve your sales.

There is much to discover in the world of Digital Photography for Busy Women! Explore the rest of the site -- we know you'll find it interesting and enjoyable. We welcome your ideas and suggestions. To share either of those with me, please fill out the Feedback Form.

Still To Come...

Girl Gear... (coolspeak for New Technology)
Looking to learn a bit about some of the hottest technology? Keep up with the latest options for storage and management. Find geek-free, smart summaries of some of today’s coolest tech tools by visiting the Girl Gear section.

Help Me Organize
The FRAME Method

This book should accompany every digital camera sold today. If you're going to take pictures and want them to be around to enjoy later, you'll find much of what you need inside these pages."
-John Larish, principal, Jonrel Imaging Consultants and author of seven digital photography books

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