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Digital Photography for Busy Women
Tips and Tricks

Quick Tips for Photo Storage and Stuff

Looking for a few simple strategies that you can use right away?

Below are some tips to get you going. Click the link next to each set of tips to download for FREE more tips for managing your digital photo hobby.


Photo Storage Tips

Tip #1:  If you’re using DVD media to store your pictures, these discs require extreme care as they can be easily damaged, leaving your photos inaccessible.  According to CD expert Katherine Cochrane of CD-Info, DVDs are denser than CDs, and the information is tightly packed on the disc.  A fingerprint or smudge can keep you from getting the files off the DVD.  Make sure to handle the disc by the center hole or outer edge.

Tip #2: Consider using CD-R rather than CD-RW (rewritable CDs) as a back-up method for your digital pictures.  Many people have accidentally written over their CDs and lost their digital pictures, including people who make a living in the technology field! 

Tip #3:  Store your CDs upright (in a book style) and in jewel cases or specialty albums to protect them. Keep them in a cool, dry place.

For more tips, use the download button on the left.


Kid Pics

Tip #1:  Be Silly—Try getting your kids to say “fuzzy grilled cheese” or something silly to encourage genuine smiles.  It will save you from those fake plastic grins, which can often be worse than your toddler having his thumb in his mouth!

Tip #2:  Check Your Timing—Sometimes we try to take pictures at the most inopportune moments.  If the kids are starving or if it’s late in the day, you may find your models less than cooperative.  Feel free to give it a shot, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t capture that perfect picture.  Just try again earlier another day or after a meal—you may find your kids will be all smiles at that time!

Tip #3:  Abandon Head-On Shots—We all know how difficult it can be to get several kids all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.  Try a new approach by having them look off into the distance or at a nearby tree.  The picture will have a little more artistic flair, and it won’t matter if the kids aren’t looking at exactly the same thing.

For more tips, use the download button on the left.


Online Photo Tips

Tip #1:  Resist the urge to upload every image on your digital camera card to your online photo site, especially if you’re going to send invitations to friends and family to view the pictures.  Getting a message that 125 pictures are ready to be viewed can overwhelm even the most devoted grandmother!  Instead, select your favorites, create some variety by choosing different pictures highlighting different events, and then send an invitation to those closest to you. 

Tip #2:  Don’t forget to size down the images if you’re sending them as an email attachment (unless the person receiving the images intends to print them).  Many programs will automatically re-size a high resolution picture for email.  You can also use Microsoft’s Image Resizer, a free tool that will resize a picture with a simple mouse click.

Tip #3:  Many of your favorite retailers now offer ‘Print 2 Store’ services where you can upload an order from home and then pick up your print order in the store at your convenience.  Check with some of your favorite retailers to see if this service is available and try a few to see which provides the best service.  Many offer free prints for first-time customers, so this can help you best decide which company deserves your business.

For more tips, use the download button on the left.

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